It was a packed week of activities at Lehigh Acres Middle School in celebration of our first ever STEAM week.

Each day was themed and featured presenters from Calusa Nature Center, J.N. Ding Darling, East Lee County High School.

Calusa Nature Center spent Monday at Lehigh Acres Middle School as a part of STEAM week. Monday's theme was Science and students analyzed alligator saliva, blackheads and grasshopper feces under a microscope as well as interacted with a Burmese python.

"I just did an essay on this," said seventh grader Leyla Russom when she saw the python. Seventh graders wrote an essay recently about invasive species and the python was listed in it.

Calusa Nature Center reps explained to students that there are several invasive species including parakeets and also tauted a summer camp program and a program for young naturalists where students between the ages of 13 and 18 can spend the weekends kayaking, learning about edible Florida plants and building forts. At the end of the 15-week program students become certified naturalists.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Dunbar High School showcased their technology and robotics program while Ding Darling and East Lee County High School showcased art on Thursday.