More than 100 years after sinking following an iceberg collision, the Titanic is once again being built. However, this time around it isn't being built by engineers but rather by sixth grade students at Lehigh Acres Middle School.

The students read a section from the novel  A Night to Remember by Walter Lord in their English Language Arts class and decided they wanted to create replicas of the original boat. They created their own rubrics and used a variety of building materials that included clay, cardboard, legos, pool noodles and popsicle sticks. Instead of creating a model, some students opted to instead create an Escape Room where classmates had to solve problems to survive or a cartoon detailing the life of the ship.
"I like that we got to learn new stuff we didn't know and got to study the real boat and make it on our own," said Jeremy De Leon. 

"I like the part where you got to create your own PowToon," said Grace Kappa.

Prior to reading the chapter, students learned about the passengers and crew as well as about the construction of the original ship. They were given tickets with a name on it and each student filled in information about their person so when they began reading the text, they had background knowledge. They drew blue prints so they knew the parts of the ship, as well.

"I think it was interesting," said Orion Waddell. "We all know about the Titanic but now we know more."