Following Hurricane Irma, Dicks Sporting Goods offered to support schools in areas impacted by the storm. Lehigh Acres Middle School, which has the only CrossFit Middle School program in Florida, requested rowing machines, boxes and other supplies for the class. Those supplies arrived in mid February.

"I can't wait to use the new boxes! Coach Ayers tells me that they will help me improve my vertical," said student Giovani Gil. 

"Using the equipment for the first time was fun, but then I started to get tired. I guess I am using it right," Charles Hammett, a LAMS CrossFit student, said. 

 "It was like nothing I've done before," added Kenley Dufresne.  "The rowers give me a full-body workout. I really enjoy the new equipment." 

The CrossFit Kids curriculum is effective because it creates a physical learning environment that builds on the idea that all children have differing abilities and need to be challenged at their individual point of development in order for effective learning to take place. This differentiated instruction allows a child to continually and efficiently progress, minimizing the risk of frustration or stagnation.